the most creative wedding cake

Need wedding cake ideas? We have a few. After all, ceremonial weaving has been a tradition for thousands of years: its roots go back to ancient Rome, where brides and grooms would break barley bread on their wives’ heads to cement their union. group. Thousands of years later, Queen Victoria served a royal icing cake at her wedding to Prince Albert – the first standard of all whites that is still common today – while her son, Prince Leopold, was often mentioned. The first person to serve a full layer cake on his wedding day in 1882. (A photo of the historic cake, which is on display at Kensington Palace, shows it decorated with an image of putti holding a bow and arrow.)

Fast forward to now, and wedding cakes have become a matter of personal taste – and, as we saw on the wedding cover of Vogue – sometimes even a form of art. Take Umber Ahmad’s brutally inspired cake, or PJ Magerko-Liquorice and Jordan Millington-Liquorice’s 10-foot wedding cake that requires a cutting sword. At the end of St. For their three-day Tropez extravaganza, Sarah Staudinger and Ari Emanuel pulled out a giant Tarte Tropézienne, while Babba Canales served a Swedish “king cake” with a miniature 3D print of the couple on top.

Below, check out some of the best (and most unique) wedding cakes featured in bogfog – and maybe you’ll find inspiration for your own.

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