These Were the Year’s 10 Best Vintage Fashion Moments

This year, vintage fashion has taken center stage on the red carpet and celebrity paparazzi snaps. Whether they’re attending a big event or not, Hollywood A-listers have made archival fashion perfectly modern, proving that the right design can stand the test of time.

Here are some of the stars who made their signature vintage design 2022. Zendaya’s two standouts are the strapless black Valentino dress she wore to the Emmys, and the strapless Bob Mackie sculpture in black and teak (via fall 1998) which he wears for a while. 100 Gala. Model Bella Hadid is also a celebrity fashion lover (she’s been known to browse Depop, after all). At the Cannes Film Festival, she wore a white Gucci column dress from the Tom Ford era with a cutout at the hip and a sparkling Chanel dress from the fall of 1986. What does Zendaya and Hadid have in common? Both were made by Roach Law, who had an eye for chasing fish. “It doesn’t matter if it’s made in 1920 or 2020, a beautiful dress is a beautiful dress,” Roach told Vogue last month.

Some other celebrities have dedicated themselves to the same unschooling label. Kylie Jenner, for her part, is interested in Mugler’s portfolio this year. At the opening of the Mugler retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum last month, she wore a strapless black dress from the designer’s Fall 1995 collection, complete with dramatic highlights and an opera dress. During the summer, meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s sister had a brief Dolce & Gabbana season. While in Italy for Kourtney’s wedding – when most of the Kardashian family sported the brand – Kim has gone through the back catalog of the two designers for dresses and jumpsuits.


Bella Hadid in a vintage fall 1986 Chanel dress


Bella Hadid in a vintage fall 1986 Chanel dress


Kylie Jenner in a Mugler fall 1995 couture gown


Amal Clooney in a vintage floral dress


Natalie Portman in a vintage fall 1991 Claude Montana skirt suit


Sydney Sweeney in a vintage Mugler dress


Olivia Rodrigo in vintage Betsey Johnson


Ariana DeBose in a vintage John Galliano dress


Dua Lipa in a fall 1992 Versace dress


Miley Cyrus in an Alexander McQueen spring 2004 dress

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