Bella Hadid’s Eclectic Styling Should Be Studied

Bella Hadid is a street style star for a reason, people! Supermodels have a unique ability to put things together in a way that, on paper, doesn’t make sense. Ultimately, the results are still fresh, though. He did unexpected things like last year’s Ugg Mini platform (which he combined with men’s underwear), or brought back 2000 staples like a large messenger bag. His latest search in New York today, is an eclectic type of work for the books: he collected a small number that you do not think you will wear together. Who else can pair Salomon boots with a stylish coat?

Hadid – who may be preparing for New York Fashion Week – appeared in a beautiful winter dress that was all about mix and match. The focus of the look is a shirt with a box, with two large breasts. Underneath, he wore baggy pants and a gray hoodie: 2010s style out of it. It turns out some amazing accessories, like a Y2K trucker hat and a pair of Salomon sneakers (Hailey Bieber is also a fan of them)

Perhaps not. And that’s what makes Hadid’s way of dressing always fun to watch; He is there to suggest new fashion ideas. There should be all university courses in the arts.

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