5 easy style tips you can learn from Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has definitely changed since her Disney days. From teenage prodigy to music icon, watching Selena’s rise to fame and journey to becoming herself has been inspiring to watch. And by the way, Selena – whose new album Rare has just been released – has also made a nice move, becoming a real fashion designer. From her street style to her many brand collaborations, Selena’s style evolution is amazing to watch.

Among Selena’s fashion moves are several collaborations with Puma, a ready-to-wear line with Coach, and a swimwear collection with the Krahs brand. On the red carpet, Selena has repeatedly appeared to impress photographers and photographers with her choice of silhouettes, fabrics and colors.

Watching Selena’s style progress has been an inspiration to us. In fact, through her own fashion journey, she taught us so many useful tips and tricks that we quickly incorporate into our wardrobe, and we’re better off for them TBH. Here are 5 useful tips we’ve learned from Selena over the years

How to mix prints and fabrics perfectly

The mix of prints can go south fast. It’s hard to know which combinations will work and which won’t. But Selena showed us how to do it in the best way. He often chooses not only to mix prints, but also fabric choices, such as the look above where the choice of leather and Doc Marten boots against flowing clothes creates the perfect balance of hard and soft.

Based on Selena’s style, we learned that mixing prints and fabrics doesn’t always have to be chaotic. He should focus on achieving the perfect balance and coordination between the two. With this in mind, we can choose pieces that, although they are different, fit together well. Ultimately, even a mix of prints requires balance, and achieving it is key.

How to raise eyebrows

Selena is the queen of rocking awesome looks. Its small form is accompanied by pieces that should have a touch of elegance that makes it stand out, whether on the street or in the street. In the look above, for example, Selena turned this denim skirt and white top into something incredible by pairing it with snakeskin sandals, a black coat and a pink clutch bag.

Looking like these, Selena has taught us how to organize and get the look that matters in the right look of Instagram. The key here is to mix basic materials (such as denim, for example) with strong pieces that will appear in these clothes (such as snakeskin shoes). It takes the normal look to another level – a kind of “day to night” mode.

The price is in the description

Once you’ve chosen the pieces, styling the look can be the hardest part. How do you make a quilt without making it? Selena really knows how. He always pays attention to small details that, when carefully chosen, can turn the eye from no to yes.

Looking at the top, the little details are what make this dress great. Skin, stars and pants, visible bags, delicate details like this make the dress different and refined. When you’re doing your hair, consider this tip by looking for ways to incorporate your hair into your outfit like Selena does. If you are soft, show it in your clothes. If you’re into “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, then show it in style. Especially when you’re doing things that aren’t perfect every day, the key to perfection is in the details.

How to recreate the perfect red lip

Selena is definitely the queen of red lips. She often wears them on the red carpet and always kills them. Because unlike others, she knows exactly how to finish red lips well, and now we do it too.

When Selena wears red lips, she lets it speak for itself. She doesn’t go overboard with her other beauty routines. Instead, with red lips, she chooses to do the rest of her make-up in a very simple way: a little wing, a little smoky eye and a little blush to combine it all. With her basic makeup, she will combine lipstick and earrings or beautiful jewelry that matches the theme of the event.

Red lips are hard to kill. They are bold, always, and not the easiest choice for a daily look. But Selena showed how to get the perfect red lip while still looking chic and chic, and it’s a trick you can use on a night out or for your next Instagram selfie .

Focus on silhouettes

In terms of another sophisticated look, Selena always knows the red carpet for a reason: she knows how to dress for her body. It sounds easy, but it can be harder than you think. The main reason for Selena’s success on the red carpet is that she makes the clothes she chooses to create and show off her appearance in a powerful way. The clothes fit perfectly and complement her body in all the right ways.

The point here is: Know your body type. Familiarize yourself with it. Take inspiration from Selena and choose an outfit that will create a strong silhouette that will flatter your frame. Not only will this make your look a winner, but it will also ensure that you take the best photos possible. After all, there’s a reason why Selena is an icon from every angle on the red carpet!

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