2 Fashion Trends for Spring 2023 Even the experts are shopping

My first impression of the spring 2023 fashion trends was, in a word, attractive. It’s a season of confidence and cool power that defines sexuality however you want. Thin sheer layers and tight knits with sensual sensuality; Even routine spring items like chunky straw bags and unbuttoned poplin dresses had a sudden, basic appeal. For the first time in a long time, I left projections last September with the feeling that there would be a buy date in April.

But it is about first impressions: even if they are strong, they wear out. Months later, the spring collections are finally hitting stores and the weather is approaching for the clothes I want to wear – and as I remember some of my beloved runway highlights, I need a shopping compass.

So I asked a style insider from MatchesFashion, 2 S and Italisto to identify the spring 2023 fashion trends that are here today and will be in my wardrobe tomorrow. In other words, I wanted every connoisseur to recognize runway motifs with charisma and longevity: fabrics, silhouettes and styles that have a bright new-season spark but don’t stand up to changing times and tastes. If I’m going to spend money to participate in a fashion moment, I want it to last. This is how the experts drew attention to the spring bag trends and clothing moments that are really worth buying.

Sunshine Suiting

“In every collection, suits are back in full force,” says Maud Barrionuevo, director of buying and marketing at luxury retailer 2 S. Designers flocked to Savile Row on the spring 2023 runways with blazers and pants tailored for warmer weather, all in what Barrionuevo calls “perfect placement,” especially in a bright color like Jacquemus’ sunny saffron. Although the linen fabrics and cheerful colors certainly have a spring effect, the timeless shapes won’t lose their wearability anytime soon.

Tute-Denim Drip

Barrionuevo says one fabric will dominate fashion as spring turns to utility and sportswear: “Denim, in all its forms.” From Altuzarra to Givenchy, models appeared on the runway in oversized denim separates; At 2 S, LVMH prize finalist Conner Ives presented an adaptation of printed denim pieces that can be worn together (or separately). Bring it on with a loose denim work shirt and a street-approved denim maxi skirt, or comfy wide-leg denim pieces that you can hang wherever the denim pendulum swings.

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