Ariana Grande on body shaming comments: 'You have no idea what someone is going through'

Ariana Grande is one of the most influential celebrities on social media. The singer, who has hundreds of millions of followers, has been particularly active on Instagram and her TikTok lately, posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the musical film Wicked, in which she plays Glinda.

However, in these posts, followers are constantly tackling Grande’s change in appearance.No, it’s not just her newly bleached hair or her new, more natural makeup look.It’s her weight loss. It’s all about suspicion, and she can’t escape criticism. In one of her latest TikTok posts, top comments include everything from “I hope you’re okay” to “She looks so weird.”

According to Grande, this comment about her body has been happening “for the past decade or more,” and she now feels ready to “join” the conversation.

Yesterday, Grande posted a three-minute TikTok video addressing “concerns” about her own body, and while some of her comments should be encouraging, many of them send a hurtful message. she explained that she does.

In a recent video, Ariana Grande spoke of the need for gentler and kinder discourse regarding people’s bodies. She emphasized that even seemingly well-meaning comments regarding someone’s body can be harmful, and suggests that we must work towards complementing one another in more supportive ways. Grande also shares her own struggles with her body and health, highlighting the dangers of comparing oneself to others. She concludes with a reminder that health and beauty come in many different forms, and encourages individuals to be kind both to themselves and others. At EatingWell, we fully support Grande’s call for a more respectful and positive dialogue around body image, believing it to be a deeply personal matter that should be approached with consideration and care.

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