9 ways to make your home as cozy as your favorite coffee shop

Maybe you like the look of your favorite coffee shop. Does it really let you relax and feel more comfortable, even though your home doesn’t have quite the same welcoming atmosphere? If so, you can make your house look more like a Java cafe by implementing one of the following 15 features. They can be limited to the kitchen and dining room, since that’s where you most likely make and consume coffee, or they can be added throughout the house, including the living room and bedroom.

 1. Coffee bar 

The most obvious thing you need is a coffee shop. They are usually placed either in the kitchen or dining room, but they can also be added to the family room or another room. All the coffee equipment is kept here.

 2. Chalkboard wall 

In coffee shops, blackboard walls are used to display the menu or special offers. At home, this feature can be used to personalize a room or keep track of a to-do list.

3. Open shelving

Open shelves are often used to store, for example, cups, glasses, coffee beans and other accessories. They can be added to your kitchen or cafe.

4. Mug display

 If  your open shelving lacks space, you can display your mugs in a unique way, like hanging them on the wall.

5. Lots of artwork

Artwork usually hangs in cafes, and some establishments even sell works by local artists. Create the same atmosphere in your home by hanging interesting objects around the room.

6. Small dining area

Javanese cafes have many small tables and chairs that allow guests to sit comfortably and enjoy drinks while hanging out or working. Adding a small seating area to a corner or kitchen is a good idea.

 7. Bookshelves

Cafes are also places where students or home workers are productive, and bookshelves can be the perfect way to emphasize a productive atmosphere in your home. They also make your space much more comfortable.

 8. Bar stools


Bar stools are a common seating choice. They can be added around a kitchen island or other high table in your home. What about the bar stool in the breakfast nook?  

9. Brick wall

This industrial style relies on the exposed brick walls often found in coffee shops. For the home, you can keep them natural or paint them with lime or a neutral color.

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