Blackpink's Jennie plays a Marvel superhero

MARVEL Studios is planning to create an Asian superhero movie that will see Blackpink’s Jennie join the cast of Luna Snow, reports Sin Chew Daily.

Like Jennie, the character is a K-pop star, but Luna Snow has healing powers and the ability to manipulate ice.

Jennie’s fans are excited about the collaboration between K-pop stars and Marvel, but others are skeptical, saying that Jennie needs more acting experience.

A couple in Selangor were shocked to discover that their only son had borrowed money from loan sharks, China Press reported.

They received endless calls from sharks, threatening to damage their house if the loans were not cleared.

They finally managed to pay RM15,000, but their unrepentant son borrowed another RM15,000. According to the 58-year-old mother, her son borrowed from at least seven loan sharks.

Finally, the parents decided to publicly disown their son. > A man in the Chinese province of Zhejiang was so upset that someone took his parking space that he installed eight poles around the criminal’s car to prevent him from leaving, China Press also reported.

The man, known only as Yu, became angry when he returned home one day to find another car in his rented parking lot.

He called the driver six times in two hours and asked to move the car. However, the criminal refused to back down and was convinced that the place was intended for public parking.

When the car still wasn’t picked up the next day, Yu hired workers to install parking bollards around the car to prevent the owner from leaving.

Yu said the car will be kept there until he receives an apology from its owner.

● The above article is compiled from vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil daily). As such, the stories are grouped by each language/media. If a paragraph starts with this sign ” >”, it means a separate news item.

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