BLACKPINK Jennie's skincare routine for glassy skin

Want to know how your favorite K-pop idols always look amazing even without makeup? Despite their hectic schedules filled with album releases, concerts and more, these stars find time to pamper themselves. This includes following a religious skin care regimen, because beautiful skin takes dedication, no wonder. Members of K-pop group BLACKPINK are admired (and sometimes envied) for their glassy, ​​glowing skin, even on weekdays. While most of us are tired of consulting the best dermatologists and creating skin care products, these icons look like modern-day Aphrodites and so carefree. One idol whose youthful charm amazes us all is BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The artist plays the skincare game and how! Luckily, Jennie has been generous enough to share her beauty tips/secrets on social media and in interviews, and we can’t wait to try them out. So keep reading to find out all about BLACKPINK Jennie’s skincare routine, which is relatively easy to implement on a daily basis.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie follows this simple and effective skin care routine

Double clean for the win

Double cleansing means wiping your face twice – first with an oil-based cleanser and rounding off with a water-based cleanser. On Korea’s Get it Beauty, Jennie shared that double cleansing is part of her skin care regimen to ensure no makeup remains before bed.

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