5 Fashion Tips to Take from Twice momo Bogfog fashion Magazine

5 Fashion Tips to Take from Twice momo

TWICE being one of the most well known young lady bunches on the planet draw in great many individuals with their remarkable abilities, visuals, and… style! Nothing unexpected fans are anxious to be nearer to their golden calves or absolutely get motivated by their looks, so we should jump into the design guide on the most proficient method to dress like Momo from TWICE!

The tune “Cheer Up” by TWICE, which crested at number one on the Gaon Advanced Graph, turned into the best-performing single of the year, and won “Tune of the Year” at the Melon Music Grants and Mnet Asian Music Grants, shot the gathering to homegrown noticeable quality in 2016. From that point forward, TWICE just rose in prevalence and are as yet perhaps of the greatest name in the business, collectively, however every part herself. Also, one of the exceptionally adored individuals, the person who have huge number of fans hairdo motivation with her famous harsh trim bangs, and the person who generally astonishes us with her ideal dance moves and visuals, is Hirai Momo.

As one of the Japanese individuals from TWICE adjacent to Mina and Sana, Momo is most certainly one of the icons to get motivation from with regards to style! Particularly with her adaptable decision of apparel and style.

In the first place, Momo has fantastic design sense going for both exquisite and basic looks. She prefers wearing cotton tops in dark or white, or blurred eased up or obscured colors that take different structures and tones, and when she has firmly fitting tops, she styles them with cool coats in various plans when. The plan stands apart because of its tone, making it the point of convergence of her outfit. Also, for the bottoms, she enjoys pants or wide jeans that make it agreeable and simple to move – we remember what an astonishing artist she is, correct? However, there are such countless things to make reference to, from silly dresses to hair frill, so we won’t withstand anything else time for presentation, we should make a plunge!


To begin with the most cherished and agreeable garment, and not just by icons, we present you – curiously large shirts! Momo likes them and lean towards fundamental white tees or generally pastel and blurred ones. They go simply well with make up and a fun photoshoot for Instagram:

5 Fashion Tips to Take from Twice momo Bogfog fashion Magazine
5 Fashion Tips to Take from Twice momo

One more illustration of curiously large tees Momo loves loose and snazzy. The look is basic and agreeable, and it’s certainly very much finished with wavy short hair, huge Black jeans, and a wicked grin on a beautiful face:

Crop top

In any case, Momo is popular for her delicate and ladylike elements, and a sensitive, basic tank top in creme variety is perfect for any base you pick and any ocassion you go to. What’s more, with delicate regular make up, you’ll look as lovely as Momo, however we believe you’re really only how you are.


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